Rising Sun Beret 

I searched all over pinterest and ravelry and couldn’t find a pattern for what I was wanting. So, I decided to have a go at writing a pattern. 

This pattern calls for a skein of yarn in worsted weight. I used I Love This Yarn. I used two different size crochet hooks, G and D. Use whatever fits your gauge and preferences.

This pattern is worked in rounds and top down.

Special Stitches 

V Stitch: Dc chain 1 dc into same stitch sk 2 

Tc4tog: *Yarn over twice, insert hook into stitch, yarn over pull loop through yarn over pull through two yarn over pull through two * REPEAT * *  three more times yarn over pull through all chain one

Puff st: insert hook into stitch *yarn over pull up a loop 1/2″ approximately yarn over again insert hook into same stitch* repeat three times yarn over pull through all stitches on hook chain one to close 

Alright, here we go! 

Chain 6, slip stitch to first chaim to form a loop.

SC 12 times into loop. Sl st to first sc. 

Chain 4. Counts as first dc ch 1. *Dc ch 1* repeat for round. Sl st to first stitch.

Chain 4. This counts as first dc and chain 1. Dc in same stitch as beginning chain. Sk 2. This counts as your first V stitch. *v stitch skip 2* repeat * * for round slip stitch to third chain of beginning chain. 

Chain 1. This does not count as your first stitch. *Sc in chain space of v stitch. Chain 3. Sc in next chain space. * repeat * * for round. Slip stitch to first sc.

Slip stitch to chain 3 space. 4 dc in each chain space. Sl st to first dc. 

Sc ch7 sk 6 sc chain 7 sk 6 on last chain3 sl st

2sc 2hdc 2dc 1tc picot tc 2dc 2hdc2sc in last ch sp 3sc 

Sl st in 2sc 2hdc and 2dc ch 1 sc in picot ch 14 sc in picot repeat  sl st

Ch 3 11dc in ch sp 12 dc in next chain sp repeat for roumd sl st to third chain of beginning ch

Ch 1 sc in each st 

Sl 2 ch 4 7 tc tc4tog

Puff st ch 3 sk 3 puff

3dc in each ch sp 

Tc for round

Fpdc bpdc for round 


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